Stevie Wonder Grams

Singagrams London's most popular service, Presenting Stevie Wonder Gram
Imagine Stevie Wonder came to surprise your loved one or your work colleague
and sang Happy Birthday to Ya, or I just called to say I love you.Stevie Wonder Gram, Singagrams London

Stevie Wonder's songs are a gift to the person choosing which singing telegram to book as a lot of his songs are songs that you could sing to someone and the words would say everything you want to say to them.

Isn't she lovely is another one, as is signed sealed delivered I'm yours which works well when nobody else is going to be present. To make sure that the person is going to be in, we often tell the recipient to expect a delivery. So when the courier arrives it's actually Stevie Wonder Gram, singing Signed sealed delivered I'm yours.

Stevie Wonder Gram has performed many Birthday Telegrams, with the slightly adapted "Happy Birthday to Ya", so that he is not singing about Martin Luthor King, but your loved one.

Declarations of love and marriage proposals, are perfect as not only are their Stevie Wonder songs that fit but you can also choose any song from the Soul Grams List too, Maybe your special song is on the list.

He has also performed singagrams for apologies, we cannot promise that he or she will forgive you but they will know exactly how you feel.

You just choose 1 or 2 songs from the stevie Wonder Grams list or the Soul Grams list and we sort everything out

It's just £110 to have Stevie Wonder Gram perform his special magic for your loved one or work colleague.

Here's a video of Stevie Wonder Surprising someone on their first wedding anniversary

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